Hapless hacker and dForce (damage — $25 million) Unfortunately, hacking bitcoin exchanges and wallets is far from news to the industry.

The Livecoin cryptocurrency exchange, which was hacked at the end of December 2020, announced the move to the temporary domain.

According to representatives of the exchange, they managed to partially regain access to media channels. However, the new website is still the only channel of communication with customers.

“We are strictly limited in publishing news after the start of the investigation. The only thing we can say now is that a carefully planned attack on our service was carried out from different sides. We have temporarily lost control of our servers and other channels,” the message reads.

Livecoin did not name the exact date of the resumption of the platform.

The exchange is ready to pay rewards for information about the attack.

“If you have any useful information that can help you return the transferred funds, find a breach or an attacker, contact us by email:. The size of the bounty is determined individually in each case,” Livecoin added.

Recall that on December 24, the price of bitcoin on the Livecoin exchange jumped to several hundred thousand dollars, and the withdrawal of funds from the platform became unavailable.

At the same time, Director Svetlana Geller deleted her Telegram account. Users assumed that the founders of the platform made an exit scam.

Soon, a message appeared on the main page of the site that a “carefully planned attack” was carried out on the exchange, and the administration completely lost control over the servers, backend and nodes.

According to preliminary estimates, unknown persons stole 106 BTC, 361 ETH and 236 BCH.

Later, unknown people left a message on the website of the recently hacked Livecoin exchange demanding a ransom in bitcoins. Now this message is supplemented with the phrase: “Oops! Time is up, Livecoin…”